Solid State Relays from Celduc

Solid State Relays from Celduc

Celduc solid state relays are designed for use when long life reliability and low maintenance are critical. With no moving parts inside, the solid state relays are able to withstand significant vibration, emit no audible noise and offer a long life expectancy.

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Celduc offer a wide range of SSR relays options:

  • Single phase SSR – for PCB mounting: 22.5mm pitch SSR with screw connection and pluggable connector
  • 2-phase SSR – the range provides 2 SSRs in a compact standard 45mm enclosure. Also available with Faston terminals or in okpac® IP20 housing with removable connector for control.
  • 3-phase SSR – a wide range of options available for controlling 3-phase loads
  • 4-leg SSR – in a compact standard 45mm enclosure. Power and control connections by Faston terminals
  • DC SSR – Complete range of relays up to 1700Vdc, 0 to 150A applications
  • Power SSR with diagnostics – Power SOD and SILD SSRs with diagnostic features indicate the status of the SSR and the resistive load without an external power supply
  • Motor control – SSRs used to control motor loads

1900 Rectangular Connectors – EN3545

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ASR Snap Rectangular Connectors

A new concept in miniature connectors, the ASR connector is designed for performance, has a compact footprint and is easy to mate.
The ASR connector series features a simple self locking snap mechanism and with the ability to use in a blind mating situation. They connect and disconnect with two fingers!

It is lightweight, durable and environmentally sealed. The ASR connector is polarised in several aspects to prevent mis-mate, accepts standard mil spec contacts, RF contacts and can be supplied with PCB contacts.

Accessories including cable clamps and backshells are also available.

ARINC 404 Connectors

Arinc 404 rack and panel connectors are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-C-81659 and ARINC Specification 404.

The series is a multi-purpose connector used in aerospace, military, and  computer periphery applications and others. These connectors are available in five shell styles with up to four insert cavities. Insert arrangements are available utilising a single type contact or a combination of standard and coaxial contacts.

Application specific designs including transient protection are available.

ARINC 600 Connectors

ARINC 600 Connectors are a recognised standard rack and panel connector for aircraft applications.

The ARINC 600 is the successor to the ARINC 404 for many of the new avionics designs. Compared to the ARINC 404, the ARINC 600 features lower mating force contacts, increased contact count and a front release, floating keying system.

The extensive product offering will meet the most demanding needs our of customers. At the design-in stage, we will work with you to select a connector from our standard product line or co-ordinate the design of an application specific connector.

The ARINC 600 rack and panel connectors are designed to meet all relevant ARINC 600 connector specifications.

ECTA133 Aluminium Push-Pull Connectors from Amphenol Air LB

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ECTA 544 Plastic Push-Pull Connectors from Amphenol Air LB

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Filter Connectors

Filter connectors have been used for many years as a cost effective and space saving solution to EMI issues in a wide range of aerospace, defence type applications.

A low pass filter connector incorporates capacitors and ferrite inductors generally within a standard connector body. Most filter types L, C, LC, Pi and T filters can be incorporated. In addition to this, more specific configurations using Diodes, Metal Oxide Veristors (MOV’s) and various Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) devices to provide protection against EMP/ NEMP/ LEMP/ HEMP and ESD threats.

In conjunction with our partners we can offer an extensive range of standard and customised filtered connectors including EMC and EMP protection for sensitive circuits used on a wide range of applications within military and civil aerospace, C4i systems, Vetronics, industrial and power distribution systems.

LPA can also supply filtered versions of application specific products as well as custom and integrated system solutions.

In Line Cable Splices

These In Line Cable Splices are designed for use in cable harness’ to join cables or to break out cables from a harness. The splices consist of female contacts inserted in a thermosetting resin and elastomer sleeve. The technology used is the same as junction modules. They are sealed and are available in 1, 2,3, 4 circuits.

These in-line junctions are suitable for male crimp contacts P which comply with NF L53-105, NAS 1749, and EN 3155-016 standards.

SIM / EN4165 Multi Modular Rectangular Connectors from Amphenol Air LB

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Terminal Junction Modules

Removable distribution modules type 1755, 1756 and 1765 provide high density wiring modular connections, very high performance, along with easy and fast installation. They can be inserted and extracted without special tools, individually or all along the rail which locks each module in place.

The modules can be changed at any time without removing the adjacent modules and the rail is available in metal or lightweight composite material. All modules have the same pitch of .5551 inch.

These modules can be assembled on the same rail with feedback modules, mixed modules, with inserted diodes and terminal junction blocks (BJT).

We can supply multiple types suitable for different environments and contaminants.

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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pipe Clamps

LPA supply many different types of fixings for pipes.

T8 Rail Compliant LED Tube

T8 rail compliant LED tubes. These drop in replacement tubes are high reliability LED’s with built in drive electronics.

LPA also supply T5 rail compliant LED tubes, click here for more information.

T5 Rail Compliant LED Tube

T5 Rail compliant LED tubes designed for retrofit applications. 24Vdc, 110Vdc and other options available. Fully compliant to rail standards: EN 45545, EN 61373, EN 50155, EN 60081.

LPA also supply T8 rail compliant LED tubes, click here for more information.

2G11 Rail Compliant LED Lamp

2D Rail Compliant LED Lamp

LED Lamp Holder, Bracket & Harness Kit

Complete kit includes:

  • new lamp holders, bracket and harness.

Kit is ideal for when existing lamp holders become brittle after many years of service and may jeopardise the reliability of the new LED tube system.

Different cable lengths are available to suit all lamp variants.

LED Tube Inverter Bypass Unit

  • Allows the use of an LED tube replacement without wiring configuration changes
  • Replaces fluorescent inverter units to distribute the vehicle power to the LED tube power terminals
  • Suitable for UIC555 and EN 50311 Annex D vertical faston blades enclosures


LED Modules & LED Strips

LED Gear Tray