T8 Rail Compliant LED Tube

T8 Rail Compliant LED Tube

T8 rail compliant LED tubes. These drop in replacement tubes are high reliability LED’s with built in drive electronics.

LPA also supply T5 rail compliant LED tubes, click here for more information.

T5 Rail Compliant LED Tube

T5 Rail compliant LED tubes designed for retrofit applications. 24Vdc, 110Vdc and other options available. Fully compliant to rail standards: EN 45545, EN 61373, EN 50155, EN 60081.

LPA also supply T8 rail compliant LED tubes, click here for more information.

2G11 Rail Compliant LED Lamp

2D Rail Compliant LED Lamp

LED Lamp Holder, Bracket & Harness Kit

Complete kit includes:

  • new lamp holders, bracket and harness.

Kit is ideal for when existing lamp holders become brittle after many years of service and may jeopardise the reliability of the new LED tube system.

Different cable lengths are available to suit all lamp variants.

LED Tube Inverter Bypass Unit

  • Allows the use of an LED tube replacement without wiring configuration changes
  • Replaces fluorescent inverter units to distribute the vehicle power to the LED tube power terminals
  • Suitable for UIC555 and EN 50311 Annex D vertical faston blades enclosures


LED Modules & LED Strips

LED Gear Tray

Passenger Seat Electronics & Lighting Kit

Complete electronics, power, lighting, optical and inter-connection loom kit including:

  • Power supply unit in 24Vdc, 72Vdc or 110Vdc: 5Vdc output or 12Vdc with PWM for seat actuation
  • LED reading lights
  • LED ambient light located under the seat
  • LED secretary light with diming steps
  • Reed switch for activation of LED secretary light
  • Mechanical or capacitive switches
  • USB charger – rail compliant
  • 230VAC power socket
  • Inter – connection looms for input and output to/from power supply unit
  • Reading lights castings design and manufacture available

LED Luminaires – Direct and Indirect

LPA offer a range of direct and indirect LED luminaires.
The complete LED luminaire includes aluminium profile, diffuser, LED modules and drive electronics.

LED Door Status Light

Bespoke LED door status light built to match customer requirements.

LED Downlight with Integrated Drive Electronics

LED Downlight with Centralised Power Distribution

LED Power Supply Units

Bespoke LED Downlight with Integrated Drive Electronics

LED Emergency Light

LED Reading Light

LED Step light with Integrated Drive Electronics

Smart Lighting Control Unit

LED Flood & Detrainment Light