Earth Studs & Earth Straps

Earth Studs & Earth Straps

Rail industry approved Earth Studs manufactured from high quality mild and stainless steel. This helps to optimise the conduction of electricity through the earth stud.

These studs are suitable for welding to enclosures or other structures, and available in a variety of sizes to suit specific earthing requirements.


Rail industry approved Earth Straps designed and manufactured to provide a reliable, flexible earth bond on trains and rolling stock.

They are used to provide earth bonding between cabinet-to-body and bogie-to-body, suitable for conducting fault currents. LPA earth straps can be custom made to meet customer requirements: in-line flat, in-line angled or 90° lugs.


Terminal Rails

LPA offer a range of terminal rail assemblies to solve cable termination problems.

Compact and quick to install, LPA can supply assemblies which are built to meet customer requirements.

Plugs & Sockets