ABS1339 Light Cable Clamps

ABS1339 Light Cable Clamps

The ABS1339 Light (ABS1339L) series is a range of lightweight cable clamps for all applications from Aerospace to Industrial, and are available in composite and silicone. They are designed to keep the cable harness securely positioned on a structure, with a significant 50% weight saving over standard metallic clamps.

The ABS1339L allows structures to be installed with the clips prior to the harness being fitted. The harness is secured quickly to the structure with the use of a simple cable tie. Removal of the cable tie enables quick removal of the harness.

Robust and flexible, the ABS1339L clamps absorb shocks, vibrations and offer unequalled protection of bundles against pinching, crushing or mechanical wear thanks to the silicone cushion.

The series is available in 8 different sizes for cable bundles of 5mm to 48mm diameter.

Part Number
Clamp Size Admissible Bundle
Diameters (mm)
ABS1339 D 01 L 01 5 to 8 17 5.5 8 1.7 15 7.4 3.5
ABS1339 D 02 L 02 8 to 11 18.5 7.15 11 1.8 16 7.5
ABS1339 D 03 L 03 10.5 to 14 20.4 9.2 14.8 1.9 17 7.6
ABS1339 D 04 L 04 13.5 to 19.5 23.05 12 20.1 2 18 7.7
ABS1339 D 05 L 05 19 to 26 26.75 15.85 27.5 2.1 19 7.8
ABS1339 D 06 L 06 25.5 to 33 31 20.25 36 2.5 20 7.9 5.8
ABS1339 D 07 L 07 32.5 to 40 36 25.4 46 2.8 21 8 8.3
ABS1339 D 08 L 08 39.5 to 48 40 31 55

LED Rail Tunnel Light

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The conduit box is suitable for use with our Niphan flange socket range.

The box is an aluminium casting and graded LM25.

Bespoke Assemblies & Cable Harnesses

LPA supply bespoke assemblies and cable harnesses to meet customer requirements.

Bespoke options include customer specified cable lengths & types, a choice of connector including third party and various conduit solutions.

We also offer an in-house testing & repair service, and full product design assistance if required.

Type testing is available and EN45545 compliance where applicable.

Niphan Fire Resistant Flanged Socket

Electronics Design & Manufacture

LPA Lighting Systems offer a comprehensive electronic design service. From concept design through to finished product, and complete with all the necessary approvals.

Electronics expertise in analogue and power electronics design, with extensive specialist knowledge in LED technology and mechanical design expertise. We use design software for printed circuit board layout, 3D and 2D mechanical design and lighting illumination simulation.

A comprehensive knowledge of the appropriate standards and approval processes, in conjunction with high reliability design techniques ensures performance optimisation, full compliance and often unique design outcomes.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility supports a wide range of electronic, electrical and mechanical production requirements. Typical products manufactured include printed circuit boards, luminaires and electronics incorporated into enclosures or chassis.

Our electronics manufacturing facility is equipped with fully automated surface mount assembly lines including screen printing of solder paste, automatic component pick and place, and seven zone reflow ovens. Conventional components are inserted using laser guided semi automated equipment.

The production test function is an extremely important phase of the manufacturing process and therefore, a combination of automatic test equipment (ATE), manufacturing defects  analysis (MDA) and advanced optical inspection (AOI) are used to ensure a totally functional product which operates to the designed specification.

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