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LPA Group Brexit Statement

It is impossible to know the exact trading conditions we will be faced come 29th March 2019.  However, LPA Group has considered what it deems to be the crucial areas and gives its position as follows.

With more than 100 years’ experience of importing and exporting to over 50 countries, LPA Group is well versed with World Trade Organisation rules and all other aspects of international trade.  Should a hard Brexit prevail, this will present trading conditions no worse than currently experienced when exporting to any country outside of the EU.

LPA suppliers are based throughout the world and have significant experience of international trade.  The situation is under continuous review and actions are being applied where necessary.  For example, we are stocking up on key components to counter any shortages that may occur within the supply chain.

LPA has a small number of EU nationals within its workforce and, as such, we are in communication with these employees to ensure that they are supported with their continuing right to work within the UK.

Brexit is being monitored and considered at every level of the LPA organisation and all practical precautions are being taken.  Should you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to ask via your normal LPA Group contact.

14th December 2018