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Connector Systems Aircraft Ground Power Supply Connectors 400Hz Connector

400Hz Connector


  • 115 – 200 Volt AC 400Hz 6 pole
  • Rated for 450Amps continuous current and 1500 Amps for 1 minute
  • Performance and dimensions to ISO 461 and BS 4G 178

 400Hz Connectors

Features and Benefits:

  • Robust materials ensure long life reliability
  • Modular design to ensure ease of maintenance
  • Available with detachable front nose sections
  • Individual tubes/pins can be replaced
  • Crimped or soldered contacts
  • Suitable for a wide range of cable sizes
  • Available with 90% insertion microswitch
400Hz Connectors


  • Connection of 400Hz ground power supply to aircraft.
Airport Lynx Wildcat Birmingham Crocodile Eurofighter Typhoon 17 sqn RAF Coningsby
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