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Connector Systems Rail Electrical Cabinets Panels & Looms

Panels & Looms


  • Harnesses to customer specifications and lengths.
  • Options of terminations and tagging to meet customer requirements.
  • Cable identification to appropriate specifications, using either sleeving or cable marking using LPA cable processing equipment.
  • Panel and looms to customer or LPA own design.

 C315 Panel

Features and Benefits:

  • In-house design using state of the art CAD design facilities.
  • Large and small cable handling and processing facilities, including ribbon cable
  • Meets Ingress Protection Standards up to IP66 to BS EN 60529

 Panels & Looms


  • Extensive experience in Rail Vehicle, Lighting, Panel and Contract Electronic Manufacturing harnesses and looms

Butcher, A., 2011. British Rail Class 315(*) Rescue Boat
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(*) Butcher, A., 2011. British Rail Class 315. [photograph] Available at:  [Accessed 6 June 2011].



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