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Components - Electrical Connectors ECTA133 Aluminium Push Pull Circular Connector

ECTA133 Aluminium Push-Pull Connectors from Amphenol Air LB



  • Aluminium push pull connector (133 series)
  • Power transmission connector up to 125A
  • Signal transmission connector up to 40A for data or signal transmission
  • Fibre optic version available
  • Solder, crimp or PCB contacts
  • Up to 1000v and 125A
  • Selection of contact arrangements and shell sizes available 
  • Custom design available on request

Ecta 133 Amphenol AirLB Aluminium Circular Connector for Power & Signal. Fibre optic available

Features and Benefits:

This connector was designed for industrial applications with its rugged design, convenient push-pull, wide range of contact sizes and high contact density.
  • Aluminium alloy with nickel plated finish
  • High density of contact points
  • IP67 (depending on backshell)
  • Operating temperature of -40C to +125C
  • High durability of at least 1000 mating cycles  
  • Wide range of configurations
  • Meets IEC60512
  • Designed and certified to EN61984


  • Typical Industrial applications including robotics and laboratory test equipment, vehicles and railway.
Amphenol Air-LB ECTA 133 Aluminium Connectors from LPA Channel Electric ECTA 133 Aluminium Connectors from LPA Channel Electric Amphenol Air LB Ecta Connectors
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